ANAD Technologies provides Data & Analytics services that help customers to monetize new services, create competitive advantages & improve operational efficiencies.
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The lifeblood of any modern digital enterprise is data. More specifically, digital platforms and applications are only effective if they are able to offer value-added functionality and services based on the insight derived from historical and real-time data. 

Discover how data & analytics can be leveraged to proactively contain global crises 

Accelerating Digital Transformation with an Automation-Driven Data Management Platform 

A strong data & analytics backbone is essential for bringing digital platforms to life and powering digital transformation-led outcomes

Most modern digital enterprises believe in:

  • Being Experience Centric
  • Institutionalizing Platform Thinking
  • Building a Digital Workforce
  • Moving towards an Integrated Operating Model

Towards the same, Data & Analytics practice connects businesses, platforms, customers, employees, and partners, by integrating data and delivering insights across the global digital ecosystem. The expert consulting, implementation, and operational services that we offer cover the complete information and insight lifecycle for customers. Our data & analytics services can be leveraged in a standalone fashion by companies looking to expedite their “data-to-value” cycle. Additionally, data scientists and analytics experts from within the Data & Analytics practice work closely with our digital consulting and digital applications services groups. This ensures that the full power of data & analytics is leveraged by the digital transformation blueprints that we design for our customers.

Data Integration, Reporting & Visualization
Seamlessly integrate data from various disparate sources. Get a holistic view of data with easy-to-interpret reports & dashboards
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Drive operational growth, automate your processes, achieve efficiency with Artificial Intelligence (Al) & Machine Learning (ML) Solutions. Build, Train & Deploy ML models quickly
Enterprise Data Management
Helping companies create, manage, and disseminate data for all applications and processes. Compliance with regulatory framework.
Analytics, Insights & Intelligence
Services involving Big Data, predictive and prescriptive analytics.This helps understand behaviors, patterns, spot trends, identify opportunities & aids in taking next best actions