Customers in our established Cloud and Technology practice come from various industries. We help them every step of the way, from strategic consulting to design and delivery to service transfer and operations.

Our history with data sets us apart from many rivals since it is ingrained in our DNA to comprehend complexity. Because solutions must address multiple stakeholders, shared platform performance, privacy, and data risks, complexity arises from sharing access to limitless resources. Over the course of years in business, Anad Technologies has addressed the multi-stakeholder complexity in data platforms.

We are able to provide a responsive and adaptive delivery capability that is capable of dealing with many unknowns, risks, and dependencies on resources because of Anad Technologies’s success as well as the lessons learned from our multidisciplinary team and methodologies. Despite the complexity of rapidly evolving technologies, we believe we have the scale to meet requirements and the responsiveness to provide focused outcomes that deliver value.

We are always looking for ways to continuously improve our people, accelerators, and reference models as vendor-neutral technologists in order to offer our customers low-risk value with Cloud capabilities.

Cloud Migration

Migrate applications, systems & storage to a cloud environment for scalability, improved productivity, lowered capital & operating costs

Cloud Data Analytics

Implement one or more components of analytics in the cloud. Analyze data at scale with ease & reduce cost

Cloud Managed Operations

24 X7 management of Cloud Services including performance & availability monitoring. Track & Analyze Cost & Consumption

Cloud Native Engineering

Re-Factor, Re-Architect (using microservices, event driven architectures) build new products & applications using Cloud native services

Cloud Optimization

Track & Analyze Cloud Usage & Return on Investment. Identify & optimize Cloud usage across organization