With people at the heart, Anad Technologies helps build data-driven and technology-enabled healthcare services that leverage digital models and product engineering to obtain operational efficiency, craft personalized experiences, deliver improved patient services, and meaningfully impact care through modern technology adoption, and third party applications

Banking & Financial Services

Anad Technologies aims to provide our clients consulting services and help meeting the increasing demands of their customer base, to provide a seamless digital customer experience. Amidst evolving economic scenarios globally and saturated competitive landscape, we help our customers in driving scale, stability, efficiency, and profitability at speed


With the digital technology engulfing our education system, every institution whether big or small, online or public/private, etc. are bound to embrace this change, as this is the need of the hour. As learning and technology go hand in hand, the learners are taking to the digital medium such as social, mobile and Cloud to accomplish academic needs. Anad Technologies, act as an enabler to help educational institutions identify and deal with the changing environment.


In a highly competitive environment, where the operators are trying to enhance their customer experience, Anad Technologies helps Telecom customers provide deep customer insights and helps develop personalized engagement driven by AI/analytics models.


Amidst dramatic shifts in global supply chain, we work with the enterprises to drive revenue growth and organizational effectiveness. Anad Technologies help business and category leaders increase ROI by maximizing customer data intelligence with the help of latest technologies like cloud-based digital analytics, and AI/ML, and improve overall customer experience.